Kind words from a few people I've had the privilege to work with...

“Krystal is an integral part of our “brain trust” for all things creative including print & digital ads, magazine layout and concept for covers & features, logo development and website development for owner/operator businesses. A young entrepreneur herself, she offers keen insight to not only my team, but all of her clients from a perspective that most creative agencies lack, and that few independent creatives possess. Her interpersonal skills are advanced far beyond her years. It’s been exciting to see her personal and professional growth over the course of our 5 year association and I’m looking forward to bearing witness of a rising creative star."

JD Sanders, Sr Marketing & Business Development Exec.FTG Strategic Media, LoneOak Ventures Inc.

“Creative, bright, easy to work with, a team player.”

Harold Bechard, Editor.Vype Sports Magazine

“Krystal Neuhofel has received high accolades as a very gifted and talented web and graphic designer for a wide array of industries and firms, including my own. I have had the opportunity to know Krystal and employ her expertise for more than a decade. During this time I have been consistently impressed by both her design skills, her professionalism and commitment. Krystal has established herself as a most sought after graphic and web designer, whom I refer often. She takes on projects that require both high levels of creativity and technical skills and frequently working under very tight deadlines. Krystal has always been willing to offer her assistance to her clients and colleagues. She has developed an excellent rapport with the many constituents served including marketing, communication and development professionals. She would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.”

Heidi Somes, Artist, Photographer, Director of Marketing

“I would like to check every box for Krystal but am only allowed three. What I like a lot is how she communicated with us clearly at each step. This avoided wasted time–not everyone is good at that! Always upbeat, no attitude, available, willing to help. So I would add great results, expert, high integrity, and creative. If we knew how to describe all the design stuff, we would be designers, not writers and analysts. She was able to take our ideas and turn them into visual reality. Our site is attractive and adaptable. It can grow with us. I recommend Krystal without reservation.”

Tom Jacobs, Investment Advisor and Portfolio Manager .Echelon Investment Management

“Krystal is the heart and soul of our publication. We give her the words and pictures and she creates the canvas that is V Tulsa. I couldn’t ask for a better layout director and graphic artist. Krystal gives life to everything we give her and makes it her own. The other thing that makes Krystal so special is that she is very loyal to the project and takes on more than what we ask of her. She would be a valued member of any team and I hope that she will be part of ours for many years to come!”

Bill Cottam, Founder of Men of Vision/Escape for Women

“Krystal is definitely a treat to work with. As a business owner, there are three things I look for in people when outsourcing projects to them. 1) Price 2) Quality 3) Timeliness. Krystal produced quality work for me, did it in a timely manner, and was very reasonable in her pricing considering how good of a job she did. I will use Krystal again for my next design project.”

Bryan Batson/Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur

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